Glacier Distilling Company was conceived during a snowstorm and in the Montana ethos of preparedness and self-reliance. In the winter of 2009/10 a group of friends gathered around the fireplace in a cabin along the North Fork discussing ski widths, fly lures, whiskey and other such academic topics. As the snow continued to pile up and the level of the whiskey bottle started falling to dangerously low levels, the conversation turned to more practical matters. Should this be Armageddon, how could these friends ensure safety and continue to provide for their families? They could guard The Pass and The Canyon. They could hunt and forage for food. They could chop wood for warmth. But where would they get their whiskey?  Alas, something had to be done. One of them had to start a distillery. It was only prudent. 

Glacier Distilling Company was registered as a business on January 20th of 2010 and permitted to operate legally on December 28th of that year. Taking a cue from Josephine Doody, a moonshiner who operated from her homestead on Harrison Creek in Glacier National Park during the early 1900s, the distillery first released an un-aged rye whiskey that could be produced and sold in a matter of months, instead of years. North Fork, Bad Rock Rye and Wheatfish soon followed and as the saying goes, the rest is history.


Nic Lee

Founder / Head Distiller

Nicolas Lee was born and raised in North Carolina and cut his teeth on Appalachian shine.  Unable to get a satisfactory answer to the difference between white lightening, rotgut, moonshine and likker, Nic decided to pursue a degree in Chemistry from UNC Chapel Hill.  Unfortunately having developed a taste for finer whiskies and other costly spirits one had to actually buy, Nic headed on a convoluted journey around the world in search of employment and esoteric spirits.  As fate would have it, he followed a girl to Montana, got married and one evening found himself sitting next to a fireplace in a cabin along the North Fork…


Pat Cattelino

Director of Operations / Distiller

Hometown: Houghton, MI
Currently Sipping: Fireweed
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: Out of a flask in the backcountry


Molly Thorvilson

General Manager / Director of Marketing

Hometown: Plymouth, MN
Currently Sipping: Trail of the Cedars Absinthe
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: After ripping up pow on The Big


Jake Allen

Production Manager / Distiller

Hometown: Van Meter, IA
Currently Sipping: Wheatfish Whiskey
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: With friends and family toasting to the future and reminiscing on the past


Nate Conners

Sales Manager

Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Currently Sipping: North Fork
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: On the river or on a chairlift


Kolton King


Hometown: Coram, MT
Currently Sipping: Two Med
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: On the rocks, anywhere in nature


Heather Recker

Mixologist / Whiskey Slinger

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Currently Sipping: Trapline Rock + Rye
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: Out of a backpack flask on top of a peak


Kendra Burton

Mixologist / Whiskey Slinger

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Currently Sipping: Kirschwasser
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: Paddle boarding on the Hungry Horse Reservoir


Mike Nania

Whiskey Slinger

Hometown: Liberty Lake, WA
Currently Sipping: Bad Rock Rye or Pear if it's over 90˙F
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: Best enjoyed out of cell phone service


Tony Ewell

Whiskey Slinger

Hometown: Arlee, MT
Currently Sipping: North Fork Rye
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: While BBQing with friends and family


Anna Byrd

Whiskey Slinger

Hometown: Martin City, MT
Currently Sipping: Trapline Rock + Rye
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: Floating down the river, but I always have a flask of Trapline for ALL adventures

Victoria Lee

PR / The Girl Who Brought Nic to Montana

Hometown: Illora, Spain
Currently Sipping: Bad Rock Rye
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: In the afternoon to celebrate a great day in Glacier Country

Fiona lee

Mocktail Quality Assurance

Hometown: West Glacier, Montana
Currently Sipping: Fiona's Choice
Favorite Time to Drink Glacier: In the afternoon, at 5 o'clock